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Play Now. Relax Later. by ElectroSpark on Flickr.

1962 Mid-Century Modern vacation home plans.


Bachelor Thesis - WIP by Christoph Sevcnikar

the reason for being busy all the time - a quick preview of my bachelor thesis - a concert hall

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The English Minimal Home  |  Ben Northover

RIBA Part.02 (2013)  |  Oxford Brookes University, UK

- The English Minimal Home increases potential for communication at the scale of the home and the city. The ambition is to slow down the domestic practices involving the shared production, preparation and consumption of food in order to increase potential communication at both scales. The functional technology and quantity of space are reduced to an extreme minimum to necessitate sharing in the everyday practices of the family rather than relying on the assistance of technology.


Waste?land - Europan 12  [Special Mention]  |  Mtres Studio
Location: Assen, Netherlands

A New Urban Condition: We propose a new, smarter way to foster growth, and transform Havenk- wartier, into an urban community in Assen. Through an in depth analysis of the commodities, indus- tries, and people within the site and the region. This strategy is designed to identify the existing resources and inherent knowledge embedded within the site, to create a community ecosystem that naturally encourages development in the district.

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